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Props & Environments

The Little Match Girl Revamp
For my world building class, I created a dystopian sci-fi world inspired by The Little Match Girl.  I imagine the world as a frozen wasteland, which it became after a natural disaster dubbed "The Great Freeze".  The rich created a utopian society, while the poor are left in the freezing cold.  The world has two primary locations - Polaris, the frozen slums of the poor, and Hearth City, a highly technologically-advanced city that uses red heat-emitting crystals to provide power and warmth.  For this world, I created various different props and buildings to match each setting, with Polaris getting more worn and torn items that generally lack technology, while Hearth City gets more luxurious objects and clothing.
GO! GO! Goo Background Sketches & Linearts
For my collaborative animated bumper, I sketched the background layouts for some of the locations.  All the locations were based on real-life places, so I researched the different locations before sketching and drawing them.  The linearts were then handed off to our background painter to finish before placing into the final film.
Misc. Environments & Studies
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