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Song of the Soul
This is a story I worked on for a class in creating an original pitch packet.  The story follows Song, an unseen music-loving girl who uses the power of music to spread joy until one day, she finds someone unaffected by her magic.
Kiera, Marv, & Pup
This is a story I worked on for a storyboarding class.  It follows a young knight, warlock, and their pet dragon as they travel down a river only to find a gigantic boulder blocking their path.
Wicked - Popular Animatic
This is an animatic I made to the song "Popular" from Wicked, using the animated character designs I created.
Commercial Storyboard - Crest 2-in-1 Toothpaste and Mouthwash
This is a commercial storyboard animatic made for a class assignment.  I was given a random product to create a short advertisement for.
Secrets of Isis - Opening Montage
This is a re-boarding of the opening sequence to the show "Secrets of Isis".
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